Marketing Campaign

Setting Up a Comprehensive Lead Gen Campaign

Top Choice Marketers was hired by Missouri Barn Builders to run a comprehensive $1,000 per month Facebook ad campaign specifically focused on generating leads through Facebook lead form ads.

We worked closely with the client to set up the lead gen forms and make sure they were optimized for high conversion rates.

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Optimizing Targeting

Crafting a Targeted USP and Audience Profile

As the lead strategist, we developed an in-depth unique selling proposition and target audience profile for Missouri Barn Builders to maximize engagement and conversions for their ads.

This involved research into their ideal customer avatar including demographics, interests, behaviors, and pain points. We crafted customized ad copy and creatives to appeal directly to this defined audience.

Optimizing ad targeting
Return on ads spent

Driving ROAS

Achieving a 17.4X Campaign ROAS

Through ongoing optimization and refinement, the Facebook lead generation campaign was able to achieve an impressive 17.4X return on ad spend.

This far surpassed the initial goals and industry benchmarks. The cost per lead acquired was only $9.62 compared to a target of $20, highlighting the campaign's efficiency.

Boosting Revenue

Generating $33K Revenue from $2K Ad Spend

Over the full course of the ad campaign, total ad spend amounted to $1,942.88. Thanks to the quality leads and a great 20% conversion rate by Missouri Barn Builders' sales team, this spend generated a total revenue of $33,789.

This outstanding ROI truly demonstrates the value we delivered through our strategic Facebook lead gen approach.

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Our flexibility and open lines of communication are just a few reasons why
many of our clients have stayed with us from the very start.

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