Changing Lives with a Beautiful Smile

Changing Lives with a Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is not just an expression; it’s a gateway to meaningful connections and unforgettable moments. A beautiful and functional set of teeth will let everyone enjoy savory delights, improve speech articulation, and embrace self-confidence. 

At Top Choice Marketers, we believe in the extraordinary impact of a smile. As a digital marketing company specializing in serving orthodontists, we recognize the transformative impact orthodontic treatment can have on an individual’s self-confidence, health, and overall well-being. That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with Smile for a Lifetime, a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving those in need of orthodontic care who cannot afford it. 

Smile for a Lifetime

Smile for a Lifetime is an inspiring nonprofit organization that embodies hope and compassion. Their mission is to provide orthodontic treatment to children who do not have access to orthodontic care due to financial constraints and those in special circumstances, such as foster care.

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The organization was established in 2009 and has provided the gift of a smile to thousands of children since then. The foundation is composed of passionate orthodontists who share the same belief— everyone deserves the confidence and health benefits that come with a beautiful smile, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Their purpose deeply speaks to us, as we have a strong desire to assist orthodontists in reaching patients who most require their knowledge.

Our Partnership with Smile for a Lifetime

We have witnessed a lot of people with unfortunate stories caused by their crooked misaligned teeth, and other orthodontic issues. And not only that, our founders and team members personally experienced and understand how these issues can negatively impact oneself. That’s why we are passionate about helping people to receive the gift of a beautiful smile. 

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Top Choice Marketers made a conscious decision to partner with Smile for a Lifetime as our simple way of giving back to the community. As part of our commitment to helping underserved individuals to receive free orthodontic treatment, we donate a portion of our sales to the foundation. This partnership, big or small, will benefit those who have previously struggled with their appearance and oral health to their confidence and achieve brighter, healthier smiles.

How Can You Help? 

You too can make a difference! There are many ways to support Smile for a Lifetime. You can directly donate to Smile for a Lifetime and connect with them HERE, or explore volunteer opportunities such as offering your professional services. 

Additionally, by choosing Top Choice Marketers as your marketing agency, you not only invest in your own business’ growth but also contribute towards helping underserved individuals. Because a portion of every dollar you spend with us goes toward this great cause! Together, we can transform lives by providing more people access to life-changing orthodontic care.  


We are determined to support orthodontists in their mission to help patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Through our ARCHWIRE METHOD, our proven specialized marketing strategy, we help orthodontic practices increase their online visibility, attract new patients, and build a solid online reputation. 

Our strategies encompass local search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, Facebook ads, lead generation, and website design tailored specifically for the orthodontic industry. By partnering with us, orthodontists can focus on what they do best – transforming smiles – while we take care of their digital marketing needs. 

We ensure to give orthodontists exceptional support in growing their practices while contributing to a cause that has a lasting impact on individuals in need. Experience the joy of smiling with Top Choice Marketers, and together, let’s illuminate the world, one radiant smile at a time. To learn more about our digital marketing services and how you can support Smile for a Lifetime, contact us today at

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